How do we do it

Our teaching methods are specifically aimed for your child’s needs and adapted to what is needed for them to succeed all subject areas and help them to acquire key skills and knowledge. We aim to make learning fun and straightforward.

When your child first joins Educare Children’s Centre your child will be required to take an initial assessment in order for us to be able to see where they are on an academic level. This is for us as tutors to be able to thoroughly understand and highlight your child's strengths and areas for improvement. From this we will be able to create an individual study programme for them to work from and help them progress academically.

We have limited our tutor to student ratio to 1:5 (maximum) to ensure your child gets the most out of our sessions. We will monitor their progress on a weekly and monthly basis, and keep parents aware of their child progress, through progress reports.

We offer an effective and innovative approach to learning:

• Adapt to each student’s style of learning.

• Embrace new technologies.

• Teaching to the student's strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

• Monitor student’s progress as closely as possible and constant feedback for parents.

• Ensure each pupil receives individual attention.

• Praising and encouraging students’ work, to build up their confidence and help them form a positive attitude to learning and studying.


One to One Tuition
Every topic is surrounded by literacy within the school curriculum. Students are required to understand key words and ideas every day, and to express their own views using spoken language and writing. rnEducare’s English study programme draws on a variety of imaginative materials. It ranges from phonics to skills for secondary school. We also provide English and English Literature for GCSE/A-Level students.


Small Group Tuition
Maths is a subject student’s either really enjoys or they don’t, however a lot of professions require individuals to have a good knowledge of mathematics. For this reason we believe it is important for children to grasp the fundamentals of this subject well from a young age.rnEducare’s maths programme is designed to provide your child with the essential skills required for success in schools and the future.


Online Tuition
(Biology, Chemistry and Physics taught as separate subjects from KS3 onwards)rnScience is a key subject in the school curriculum because it teaches students how the world works around them. Our science tutors help students develop the skills required for GCSEs and A Level as well as building the basic foundations for the children in KS2 to KS3 and helping them with the transition from primary school to secondary school. .


Home Tuition
Home tuition is ideal for parents with a busy lifestyle. If you find yourself unable to spend time helping your child with homework or if you would just like a qualified and experienced tutor to help your child progress with their education then we are happy to offer you home tuition. In the comfort of your own home and environment we can provide you with a qualified, experienced and DBS tutor to work with your child. We will try our best to offer you flexible learning hours to suit you..

•Flexible learning hour
•In the comfort of your own home
•For busy parents