For the Core Subjects (English, Maths and Science) we tutor from KS2 all the way to A Levels. We also have tutors who specialise in Business, I.T, Spanish and French.



Every topic is surrounded by literacy within the school curriculum. Students are required to understand key words and ideas every day, and to express their own views using spoken language and writing.
Educare’s English study programme draws on a variety of imaginative materials. It ranges from phonics to skills for secondary school. We also provide English and English Literature for GCSE/A-Level students.



Maths is a subject student’s either really enjoys or they don’t, however a lot of professions require individuals to have a good knowledge of mathematics. For this reason we believe it is important for children to grasp the fundamentals of this subject well from a young age.
Educare’s maths programme is designed to provide your child with the essential skills required for success in schools and the future.



(Biology, Chemistry and Physics taught as separate subjects from KS3 onwards)
Science is a key subject in the school curriculum because it teaches students how the world works around them. Our science tutors help students develop the skills required for GCSEs and A Level as well as building the basic foundations for the children in KS2 to KS3 and helping them with the transition from primary school to secondary school. .


11+/13+ Grammar /Private School

Our grammar school and private school entrance exam courses give our students the chance to become confident in nonverbal, verbal and mathematical reasoning and literacy. Along with the 11+/13+ course, students have their own personal programme to ensure that the underlying skills needed for the exams are in place and they sit the exams confidently.

Program includes:

Non-verbal and verbal reasoning
Numerical reasoning
Mock exams


Extra AS/A Level subjects

From GCSEs upwards, business studies as a subject requires students to be able to answer longer essay questions and calculations, which can be quite challenging. With help from one our experienced Educare Children’s Centre tutors, your child can focus on improving in the areas they find most difficult. Guidance will be given on how to tackle case studies and essay style questions as well as exam techniques. Our tutors will explain concepts to the student as their own pace so that they completely understand them.

Information Technology plays an ever increasing role in a child’s education today. I.T is used for, assignments, research, presentations and more. It is crucial that pupils learn ICT skills from a young age.


French & Spanish

Educare Children’s Centre also provides tuition for French and Spanish. We offer language training to students with basic, intermediate or advanced level language skills. Our qualified tutors are native speakers so results can be achieved better and faster.