We are pleased to be able to say that Educare Children’s Centre is now registered on the Ofsted voluntary childcare register and you can now save money on your tuition fees by paying with childcare vouchers or tax credits.

What are childcare vouchers?

Childcare vouchers are a benefit that employers often offer to staff. If your employer offers you the opportunity to use the salary sacrifice scheme you could be saving on Tax and National Insurance by opting to have part of your salary paid in childcare vouchers.

What is the advantage of sacrificing part of my salary for childcare vouchers?
Childcare vouchers are free from tax and national insurance and therefore have greater value than the salary you would have received instead of the vouchers. Each parent can opt to salary sacrifice thus increasing the savings you could be making. This could save you up to £1000 a year per working parent.

How do I use the childcare vouchers to make a payment to you?
Making payment using childcare vouchers is simple. Ask us for our Ofsted number and you can arrange a simple electronic transfer to make a payment to us using your childcare vouchers.