Our wide range of courses for students wishing to study tuition ensures we have the perfect match for everyone.


Innovative teaching methods and professional, highly qualified instructors with broad experience in the training sector


Become fluent during a long-term academic semester, or improve skills with a vacation or intensive program


Courses are structured to help you achieve fluency quickly and effectively, providing you with a variety of options

Courses for all generations

Young children are full of questions, wondering how, why, when, and where. Preschool tutors help young children find the answers for themselves by developing reading skills. Preschool tutoring can help jumpstart your child’s learning success. Children at the preschool age are most receptive to learning new things, and it is important to get an early start on your child’s reading and listening skills. Almost everything young children do in the preschool years supports their emerging learning and reading skills.
The elementary school years teach kids about so much more than school subjects. During these years, students learn other important school lessons such as motivation, hard work, and collaboration. Your child’s customized elementary learning program will meet his or her learning needs exactly, and with the personalized coaching of an elementary learning tutor, your child will get the support and encouragement needed to build stronger elementary learning skills to achieve school success.
We help teens with time management, project planning, study skills, and goal setting – skills that transfer into the workplace. The first year of post secondary can be a big adjustment for teens — we help them develop the skills they need in advance, so there are no surprises. Our College Prep Courses are customized to each teen’s unique learning strengths and weaknesses, and don’t just focus on getting high scores on the test, but focus on building skills such as time-management and workflow prioritization.

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Educare Children’s Centre offers your child the highest quality of tuition service ranging from Key Stage 1 all the way through to A Levels.



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Affordable tutoring programs for your goals

We know the costs of raising children add up quickly. That’s why we are offering a competitive hourly rate that is consistent with professionally trained supplemental education providers industry-wide, plus available payment options.

One to One Tuition


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Educare Children’s Centre offers One to One tuition, giving student’s intensive individual support. One to One tuition provides the opportunity to focus on a student’s own needs, without having to follow the needs of other students in the group. It has been proven significant in terms of the increasing a student’s academic achievements and them developing a positive attitude towards learning. It is a more focussed and personalised method of teaching.

Small Group Tuition


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Educare Children’s Centre offer small group tuition with a tutor to student ratio of 1:5 maximum. Small group tuition is valuable in developing independent working habits and thinking skills. It also provides a collaborative environment where students will feel more comfortable working with other students who are on a similar level and will receive all the support necessary. It can be an effective way of developing their confidence and knowledge.

Home Tuition


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Unlike the majority of tuition centre, Educare Children’s Centre provides their students with 24/7 learning support, both face to face and online. Providing support all the time reassures students that they can get help and guidance at any point during their studies. We give each student their own individual login username and password so they are able to access all of their study materials online whenever they want.

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